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Shannon’s latest technology

initiative will have lasting

impact on local health care

IN 1932,

Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital was

established, laying the foundation for a legacy of health

care for this region. During the past 84 years, Shannon

has achieved many milestones and brought increased

service and health care access to our region.

The health care industry continues to rapidly change

the traditional model of delivering care, and Shannon is

paving the way for the next generation of health care as

the region continues to expand.

We recently initiated an exciting journey, implement-

ing a single, leading-edge electronic medical record

(EMR) and financial information system for our entire

organization. After thorough research and hands-on

demonstrations, Shannon selected Epic Systems Corp., a

privately owned health care software company, to provide

the clinical, administrative and billing software. EPIC is

touted nationwide by some of the most respected health

care organizations and providers as the best of the best

in systems for managing patients’ health care.

As a unified program, this system will provide integra-

tion across all access points within Shannon. Each patient

will have one comprehensive medical record shared across

all Shannon providers and facilities—from the hospital

to the clinic locations and outpatient offices. All Shannon

locations will also use the same platform for registration,

scheduling and billing.


The new system will in-

clude MyChart, an online portal that will give patients

more access to their health care information and a greater

ability to play an active part in managing their ongoing

health. Accessible through a mobile app or by computer,

MyChart will enable access to medical records and re-

sults, online appointment scheduling, self-check-in from

home or at on-site kiosks, communication with your

providers, prescription refill requests, and Shannon bills.

This systemwide project will affect every aspect of our

business and how we serve and care for our patients. It is

also one of the largest investments for our organization

in terms of cost and people. Shannon recently created

positions for 60 new associates who will be working with

EPIC to design and build our system as well as help train

more than 2,800 staff members to use it. Our EMR team

includes experts from all facets of our organization, in-

cluding physicians and clinical support services.

This new technology is a monumental change for our

organization, and one we believe is a necessary invest-

ment for the future of health care in the Concho Valley.

Our vision is to continue the Shannon legacy, remaining

the locally owned, trusted health care leader in West

Texas. We are grateful for the strong foundation of the last

84 years and our local leadership that has helped position

our organization to help ensure we have the capacity to

serve our community as it continues to grow.

Please stay tuned for more updates on EPIC and what

you can expect as a patient in the following months.





Rehabilitation Unit has a

long-standing reputation of providing exceptional ser-

vices to patients recovering from an array of neurological

conditions and disorders by using a multidisciplinary

team approach. Shannon Outpatient Neuro Therapy is

an extension of the same quality and team approach to

patient care, provided on an outpatient basis.

“We are excited to be able to continue to serve our com-

munity and those in the surrounding area by providing

these outpatient therapy services,” says Diana Moreland,

PT, DPT, Clinical Coordinator for Shannon Outpatient

Neuro Therapy. “Restoring mobility and communication

is a vital component of the journey for improving each

of our patients’ quality of life.”

A service of Shannon Medical Center, the Outpatient

Neuro Therapy team consists of occupational therapists,

physical therapists and speech language pathologists.

“Each therapy discipline is passionate about their com-

mitment to serving our patients,” Moreland says. “We all

work together to provide an individualized plan of care for

each patient. This patient-centered, individualized care is

central to our ability to provide our patients the great expe-

rience they deserve and have come to expect at Shannon.”


Outpatient Neuro Therapy provides a

wide range of services for patients who:


Are amputees.


Have issues with general balance and deconditioning,

dizziness, and/or unsteadiness with walking.


Have MS (multiple sclerosis) and Parkinson’s disease.


Are recovering from stroke.


Are voice therapy patients.


Suffer from other types of neurological disorder.

Similar to the inpatient setting, specialty services are

also offered during Outpatient Neuro Therapy. One ser-

vice, Bioness, is a system that uses electrical stimulation to

address foot drop or hand paralysis due to conditions such

as: cerebral palsy, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple

sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injury. Shannon is

currently the only entity within 90 miles that offers this

system for patient utilization.


eSwallow, another specialty service, uses

electrical stimulation to address dysphagia—difficulty

or discomfort in swallowing, due to conditions such as

stroke and other neurological disorders.

LSVT BIG, a program designed for Parkinson’s pa-

tients, is an amplitude-based exercise program for the

limb motor system and re-education of the sensorimotor

system. LSVT BIG therapy applies intense, repetitious

therapy focused on core movements used throughout a

patient’s daily routine.

Outpatient Neuro Therapy

accepts patients through provider referrals.

Shannon Outpatient Neuro Therapy is

located at the Shannon St. John’s Campus,

2022 Pulliam. Services are offered Monday

through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For

more information, please call



Expansion updates:

Downtown medical

office building

The largest of the expansion projects announced by

Shannon in the fall of 2014 is the four-story medical

office building project located downtown on Harris

Street beside Shannon Medical Center.

It will include 80,000 square feet of space

along with a new parking lot on the north side of

the building. The first floor will include nephrology,

infectious disease, and ancillary services, such as

lab and radiology. The second floor will be home to

all of Shannon’s OB-GYN providers. The third floor

will consist of Family Practice providers, and the

fourth floor will be home to dermatology, Mohs

surgery and pathology.

The project is in progress with completion ex-

pected in early 2017. Stay tuned for more informa-

tion about a grand opening celebration.

We l l n e s s

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