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H E A L T H b e a t
Having a baby
is an exciting journey. One full of
hope, wonder and love.
It’s also a very personal experience. At Shannon
Women’s and Children’s Hospital, we create a special
birthing experience with you and your precious cargo in
mind throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help
create that special, one-of-a-kind experience for each
mother and baby.
The OB-GYN department at Shannon Clinic, along
with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, recently imple-
mented new delivery options and other amenities to help
create a more personalized experience for the arrival of
your little one.
Customized care
In an effort to meet the expecta-
tions of our patients and to provide you with the best
possible care on your journey, Shannon now offers cus-
tom birthing plans, or “Mommy Maps.” From delivery
options and relaxation techniques to your environment
and those present when your special delivery arrives, we
want you to be in control of your path. Birthing plans
are available from our obstetricians. Please contact your
OB-GYN’s office for more information.
We have added a number of birthing options to cus-
tomize the labor and delivery process to the needs of
each mom. Some of these options include:
Birthing bars.
Birthing mirrors.
monitoring that allows more flexibility within the room.
Various pain management techniques.
The ability
to have more family present at delivery (if mom prefers).
Comfort and convenience
Making you as com-
fortable as possible during your stay is one of our main
priorities. At our Women’s and Children’s Hospital, we
offer labor, delivery and recovery in birthing suites. The
rooms are comfortable and homelike with areas for fam-
ily members to be with moms during labor and delivery.
Every room is private, and mother and baby are treated
together. Mothers decide how many and which people
Our team is here for you
Shannon offers families comprehensive services for
the diagnosis and evaluation of pregnancy conditions
or complications. Together, our obstetric providers and
nursing staff combine our expertise and compassion
to create a care team you can count on to guide you
through every step of your journey. We will do every-
thing possible to make this a joyous and memorable
event for you and your family.
Our team includes:
 Six board-certified obstetricians.
A certified nurse-midwife.
A certified women’s health nurse practitioner.
Nine board-certified pediatricians.
 Three certified nurse-anesthetists.
An experienced team of labor staff.
An experienced team of nursery staff.
An experienced team of postpartum staff.
A perinatal nurse educator/certified childbirth
Certified lactation consultants.
If you need assistance in finding a provider, we offer
a concierge service to help match you with the right
provider. Just call the New Beginnings line at
Need help finding the right OB-GYN
for you? Call the New Beginnings
line at 325-481-2316.
will be with them during labor. They can even have one
person with them in the event of a cesarean section.
We provide anesthesia services 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week. Our anesthesia services are under constant su-
pervision and monitored by our professional staff for all
obstetric inpatients. Our anesthetists provide around-
the-clock epidural service to ensure that each patient is
as comfortable as possible.
Your journey will also be more convenient. Shannon
now offers Saturday appointments with obstetricians,
online childbirth classes, “Stork” parking for expectant
moms in labor and expanded food service while you are
staying with us.
State-of-the-art care
Most importantly, Shannon
is committed to providing the latest technology and most
experienced, compassionate staff, who go beyond your
expectations. Pregnancy and labor are natural processes
that, in most cases, require nothing but close observation
and support.
If there are any medical complications, however, all of
our obstetricians are board-certified and trained to care
for both normal and complicated obstetrical situations.
Our level 2 neonatal intensive care unit staff and pedia-
tricians are skilled at caring for even the most complex
preterm infants.
Family-centered care
After delivery, each mom
is given a comfortable, quiet room that can also accom-
modate one other person overnight. The baby is primar-
ily cared for in the room, and we encourage family and
friends, including children, to be present as the mom sees
fit. We minimize the time that mothers and babies are
separated, but we do have a nursery to care for healthy
babies when moms need a rest.
Many changes are occurring as you wait for your
new arrival, which is why Shannon has designed pro-
grams and classes to help you and your family prepare
for this joyous occasion. Education is an integral part of
our family-centered maternity care. We want to include
parents, brothers, sisters, special partners and other sig-
nificant people in your life.
We know you are busy, so to best meet your needs, we
offer classes both at the hospital and online. In addition
to the scheduled classes, in-hospital education services
Ongoing consultation with our Shannon Babies edu-
cator throughout your pregnancy, birth and your baby’s
first year.
One-on-one parenting and baby care instruction from
your nurse.
A certified lactation specialist specially trained to as-
sist you in breastfeeding while in the hospital and after
you go home.
The Newborn Channel, an educational channel that
provides programs on baby care and postpartum topics
24 hours a day.
Printed educational materials to read during your stay
and take home.
Every expectant mother in the Concho Valley is invited
to make an appointment for a free consultation with our
Shannon Babies educator, a specially trained registered
nurse who will answer your questions about pregnancy
and childbirth.
During your consultation, you will receive a guided
tour of our Family Birth Center to include our beautiful
labor, delivery, recovery (LDR) suites designed with your
family in mind. Call
for a free consultation
with our Shannon Babies educator.
Let your family’s journey begin at Shannon. We’re with
you every step of the way, and we’re looking forward to
helping you greet your new arrival.
to learn more
about our providers and services.
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You’ll love what we’re delivering at Shannon