Shannon Medical Center | Health Beat | Winter 2018

JOURNAL OF WELLNESS AND GOOD HEALTH CARE WINTER 2018 HEALTH BEAT Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Platteville, WI Permit No. 7 SHANNON MEDICAL CENTER 120 E. Harris Ave. San Angelo, TX 76903 Page 6 Meet our new providers. Page 7 Get heart-healthy with doable, daily tips. BLOOD PRESSURE MYTH BUSTED It’s a myth that if you feel fine, your blood pressure is fine. High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause symptoms until it damages the body. American Heart Association; National Institutes of Health LIGHT THE WAY Falls are a major health risk for older adults. Good lighting at home is one way to reduce that risk. Use night- lights in your bedroom and bathroom. National Institute on Aging S hannon is proud to introduce our new birth planner to assist you throughout your preg- nancy journey—from your first visit to postpartum care. She is available to help you with: ●  ● Finding an OB provider and/or a pediatrician. ●  ● Signing up for childbirth classes and tours. ●  ● Registration questions. ●  ● Billing and insurance questions. ●  ● Learning more about our many amenities, including lactation services, birthing options and our family comforts—including the celebration meal. ●  ● Expectations and what to bring to the hospital. ●  ● Locating pregnancy resources in our community. For questions, more information or to schedule an appointment, call 325-481-2359 or email kristy . Birth planner Your guide on the journey r i Find a clinic near you with our interactive locations map at .